Pregabalin & Gabapentin Reclassification

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As of April 1st Gabapentin & Pregabalin will both be reclassified as schedule 3 controlled drugs.

What does this mean for my prescription?

  • Prescriptions for controlled drugs should only be written for a maximum of one months supply.
  • We are now able to send prescriptions for controlled drugs directly to your nominated pharmacy electronically. If you have a nominated pharmacy you will no longer need to collect a paper prescription from reception. (However please continue to request repeat prescriptions in the usual way).
  • Prescriptions for controlled drugs must be presented at the pharmacy within 28 days of the prescription date.

Prescription requirements 
Schedule 3 controlled drugs must contain the normal requirements for prescription only medicines as well as the following;
Date on which it was signed
Address of the prescriber
Strength of dosage
Total quantity or dosage units in both words & figures
An appropriate date (valid for 28 days after the appropriate date on the prescription)

Visit the NHS website for more information regarding both Gabapentin & Pregabalin