From Monday 6 April 2020 repeat prescriptions should be ordered directly from the Practice. Using the NHS App (it’s free!) or our website will help us to help you better, by being able to provide repeat prescriptions safer and faster.

You will be able to order your repeat prescriptions up to 10 days before they are required using the free NHS App, online, using your request slip at reception (or our request box downstairs), or by post.

Why is this happening?
When pharmacies order on behalf of patients, many people find that they build up a stock of unused medicine, which have to be stored safely and used within date.

By ordering yourself, you will have more control over the items you receive which is safer and more efficient.

In addition, your GP will have more accurate information about which medicines you do and do not use.

Finally, it is important that NHS money is used as efficiently as possible. Saving money on unused medicines means more resources are available to benefit the health of the people of Nottingham.

Will my pharmacy still be able to collect prescriptions from the surgery?
Yes, your nominated pharmacy will still be able to collect your prescription. But we would encourage you to order your repeat prescriptions directly from the Practice in order in improve safety and speed of service.

I have my medication in blister packs and / or I am housebound
Patients who receive their medications in blister packs will remain able to order their medications through their nominated pharmacy.

Likewise, those patients who are registered with the Practice as being medically housebound will continue to be able to have their nominated pharmacy order their medications on their behalf, if they are unable to do so directly with the Practice.

How do I order my repeats?
You can order your repeat medications in a number of ways

– Using the free NHS App for iPhone and Android users (self registration required)
– Using our website (registration required)
– Using the right hand side of your last prescription – drop this into reception or into the drop off box downstairs near the ‘Ask’ desk
– By post

Can I order my repeats by telephone?
Unfortunately we can not accept requests for repeat medications by telephone.

What should I order?
We ask you to only order the items that you need.

Please particularly think carefully before ordering “when required” items such as GTN sprays, salbutamol inhalers, painkillers, etc.

Please do not request any items that you have sufficient supply of already or are currently not using.

When should I order my repeat prescription?
Please check how many days’ medicine you have before ordering a new repeat prescription and only order when you have 7 to 10 days of medicines left.

When should I expect my prescription to be ready?
Please allow 2 working days from the day after you submit your request for us to make your prescription available.

All prescription requests are reviewed to ensure that they remain appropriate before being signed / electronically authorised by a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner.

What if anything changes or a consultant has recommended a new medication?
If your circumstances have changed, it is important to let the Practice team know.

If you have been recommended new medications by a specialist these requests are normally sent to the practice by letter. It may take the practice up to two weeks to process these requests once we have received the letter.

If the new medication is considered urgent by the requesting specialist, they should provide you with an initial prescription before asking the practice to take over prescribing.

Occasionally specialists recommend a course of medication that is not suitable or permitted to be prescribed by clinicians in primary care. In these instances we will write back to the requester and ask that they either prescribe the medication themselves or suggest an alternative that is available on the Nottingham community formulary.

Do I really need a medication review?
The clinicians within the practice are legally responsible for any prescriptions that they sign or authorise, regardless of whether the medication has been recommended by a specialist.

We are therefore obliged to ensure that prescribed medications remain safe and appropriate for you. We do this by undertaking medication reviews.

Medication reviews are usually undertaken annually, but for some medications and conditions we may require more frequent reviews in order to ensure your continued safety.

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