Our Clinics

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) are highly skilled and experienced nurses who are educated to masters level who work autonomously and are capable of managing complex health needs.

For more information on what our advanced nurse practitioners can see and do independently please click here.

Run by a community midwife. If recently you found out you’re pregnant you can contact the midwife directly on 0115 88 33433.

You’ll be given an appointment 8-12 weeks after from the first day of your last period.

These clinics are run by our practice nurses. Asthmatic patients should be proactive in managing their asthma and have regular reviews with our experienced team of practice nurses; aiming to only need to use their rescue inhaler (sometimes referred to as reliever) a maximum of three times a week. This can help to improve your symptom control and reduce the risk of serious illness.

These clinics are run by one of our highly experienced practice nurses.

These clinics are designed to optimise the management of your diabetes and reduce the risk of serious complications. By working with our team, we can help you to achieve your target blood glucose levels and reduce your risks of ill health.

Invitations to these clinics are sent out around your birthday month.

Diabetics who inject medications are able to return their filled sharps boxes to their nominated pharmacy. Alternatively Nottingham City Council are able to arrange collection from home on application. Click here for more information.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with national guidelines, we are currently unable to offer ear syringing to any patients.

Patients with confirmed ear wax in one or both ears should continue to use olive oil or a suitable over the counter remedy for an extended period of time as this has been shown to successfully treat the majority of cases of ear wax.

Run by our healthcare assistant. This is available for registered and non-registered patients. Non-registered patients are referred to by their own GP.

Dr Deolkar and Mr Moorhouse are both highly experienced in providing minor surgery clinics in primary care and offer frequent minor surgery clinics to patients from the practice and those registered at other local practices (referral required).

These clinics include removal of cysts, lipomas, skin tags, moles, joint and tendon sheaf injections.

We are able to offer asymptomatic screening for a range of sexually transmitted infections here in the practice to those patients aged up to 25 years.

Patients who have symptoms suggesting that they may have an infection are strongly encouraged to self refer to the local Sexual Health Services run by Nottingham University Hospitals. Details of these can be found here.

Our highly skilled and knowledgable practice nurses provide a range of vaccination clinics throughout the year including

Seasonal flu

Childrens immunisatiomns

Travel vaccinations

For more information about the vaccinations available free of charge on the NHS please visit the NHS vaccinations website.

Run by practice nurses. Aimed at young people in need of help or advice regarding contraception, sexual health, smoking, drugs, alcohol, diet and exercise.

Just make an appointment to see a practice nurse to discuss any of these. This service is strictly confidential.