Flu Clinic 

Run by Practice Nurses. Flu vaccinations are provided by the practice during early autumn. Details will be displayed on our notice board in the practice.

We recommend flu vaccinations for all elderly patients, carers, pregnant women and patients with severe or chronic illnesses that have been advised by the doctor.

The Department of Health recommends that all patients with asthma, chronic heart disease, chronic renal failure, diabetes and anybody with a form of immunosuppression be offered a flu vaccination.

Flu vaccinations are also recommended for all residents of nursing homes, old people’s homes and long stay facilities where there is a risk of rapid spread of any such infection.

Feel free to call the practice to see when our Flu Clinic is active and to book an appointment regarding your vaccination.

Diabetic Clinic

Run by our highly experienced practice nurses. Around the time of your birthday you’ll receive a letter reminding you to have a diabetic check up. It is well recognised that good control of blood sugar levels can significantly reduce the risk of serious complications of diabetes. Our team can help you achieve your target blood sugars and reduce these risks. 

You’ll be advised on all forms of necessary diabetic care and we can make sure your treatment is up to date and having positive effects.

GUM Clinic – City Hospital Campus

Tel: 0115 9627744

Appointment Availability;

Monday- 9am-11:30am   1pm-3:30pm   4:30pm-6:30pm
Tuesday- 9am-11:30am  2pm-3:30pm
Wednesday- 9am-11:30am   2pm-3:30pm
Thursday- 1pm-3pm
Friday 9am-11:30am

It cannot be guaranteed that you’ll be seen if you don’t have an appointment.

Antenatal Clinic 

Run by a community midwife. If recently you found out you’re pregnant you can contact the midwife directly on 0115 8833433.

You’ll be given an appointment 8-12 weeks after from the first day of your last period.

Asthma Clinic 

Run by our practice nurses. Asthmatic patients should be proactive in managing their asthma and have regular reviews with our experienced team of practice nurses. This can help to improve your symptom control and reduce the risk of serious illness.

At Parkside we have a practice nurse who specialises in asthma treatment and can help discuss your medication and assess its effectiveness. Alongside this we’ll keep you posted on any updates with your medication and will remind you to book an annual asthma review every year.

Minor Surgery Clinic 

Run by one of our doctors and advanced nurse practitioners. Minor surgical procedures can be performed at the practice after consultation with a clinician. This covers a wide variety of procedures such as removal of cysts and lumps, giving injections into joints and tendons and removal of moles.

If you have any queries then feel free to bring these up with your clinician.

Young Persons Clinic 

Run by practice nurses. Aimed at young people in need of help or advice regarding contraception, sexual health, smoking, drugs, alcohol, diet and exercise. Just make an appointment to see a practice nurse to discuss any of these. This service is strictly confidential.

ECG Clinic 

Run by our healthcare assistant. This is available for registered and non-registered patients. Non-registered patients are referred to by their own GP.