Thursday 13th PPG Meeting

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Next Thursday we will be hosting another PPG meeting to give you, the patients an opportunity to voice your opinions, concerns & ideas to various members of the practice. If you have any questions regarding the PPG meeting then feel … Continued

Diabetes Awareness Week

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Diabetes is a serious long term condition which can lead to early death and long term disability. The earlier it is detected and managed appropriately the less damage there will be on an individuals health. Around 200,000 people are diagnosed … Continued

Pregabalin & Gabapentin Reclassification

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As of April 1st Gabapentin & Pregabalin will both be reclassified as schedule 3 controlled drugs. What does this mean for my prescription? Prescriptions for controlled drugs should only be written for a maximum of one months supply. We are now able to send prescriptions for … Continued

GP+ Nottingham City Service

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GP+ Nottingham City – extended hours access for patients Offering Evening & Weekend Appointments bookable through your GP practice, patients registered at this practice are able to access additional routine appointments during evenings and weekends through the new GP+ service. … Continued

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